Thursday, 21 June 2012

Camping, cowboys, and Cath Kidston

Just thought I would share this sweet pic of the little bear playing camping in the back garden. He is growing up so fast. No sippy cup for him anymore thanks to Cath Kidston's cowboy mugs!

Here is the link to the Cath Kidston shop if you want to check them out. - Sorry but I think the mugs have sold out :(   They have other enamel camping ware or melamine pieces.  Button and bear love the camping mugs and plates.  We end up using them all the time!

Chocolate cherry dairy free ice cream!

I made this amazing banana and cherry chocolate ice cream this weekend for us all to enjoy - bear is dairy and soya intolerant so dessert usually ends up being fruit for all of us.
I always try to have some banana pieces in the freezer after seeing this pin here. They are nice blended up on their own, but adding coconut milk makes a huge difference to how creamy it tastes. After all that's what you want with ice cream isn't it?

3 Frozen bananas - these should be sliced then frozen
Half can of black cherries - in natural juice
Half a can of coconut milk
Tablepspoon of cocoa powder

Place the bananas, cherries, and cocoa into a food processor and blend. You may need to stop and break up the banana with a spoon if it starts to clump together. Slowly add the coconut milk until it all becomes smooth and creamy. You may need to add more or less of the coconut milk. You don't want to make it too runny.
Eat immediately. You could scrape this mix into a Tupperware and freeze again until later (give it a quick whizz in the processor to break up any ice crystals before serving), but we always eat the lot in one go!


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Crochet shawl

I made this crochet shawl while watching the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations on TV last weekend. I have since been trying to get some good light in the house to take pictures but it has chucked it down all week. Typical for a half-term holiday!

The shawl is a present for my mum, no particular reason, just because I fancied having a go. It crochets up quickly and after blocking it hangs beautifully. I used Rowan Cocoon wool which I'm nearly all out of now :(

Thankfully I recently started an instagram account so that I can get fairly good pictures in poor light!  The weather is pretty rubbish for June.  This weekend was not too bad though, we went to the zoo again yesterday and the boys are currently playing camping in the back yard!  School tomorrow :(

I want to get some quilting time in this week. not sure how I will though, my big brother has asked me to make him an outfit for a punk festival he is going to! so I will be working on that this week.  I must ask him if I can show you the pictures of him in it!

Hope you have had a good weekend!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

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