Saturday, 21 July 2012

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Quick Quilt project.

Having been 'in the middle' of making a quilt for bear for nearly 7 months now and with no effort still no time to finish it I decided to make a really quick quilt.  Bear needed a simple lap quilt that was light enough for summer to sleep under.  He had an Ikea baby duvet and cover, but it kept rucking up to one end as he tossed and turned in the night.  The solution?  Quilt it!

I simply put the duvet into the cover and used the Purl bee lap duvet tutorial to piece them together.

After machine stitching at intervals throughout the quilt I decided the stripy side need a touch more colour.  So I stitched and knotted some wool that through the layers.  I love how the colours of the yarn match up with the front.  Purely a coincidence! 

I will, at some point pluck up the courage find the time to bind my patchwork quilt, but in the mean time, this was a quick and easy project!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cloud dough fun!

With all this rain lately we have had to have a lot of indoor playtime! Thankfully I came across an amazing site The Imagination Tree. A wonderful site filled with lots of fantastic sensory play based ideas to do with your babies and toddlers.

We had a go at making and playing with 'Cloud dough'. A quick and simple recipe using just flour and oil. Both boys spent a full 2 and a half hours making and playing with the stuff. Best thing was that it was so easy to clean up!