Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Spur of the moment!

We decided, no, found ourselves, at Chester zoo during the last weekend of the holidays. The weather had been off and on for days and despite what I said in my last post to go out what ever the weather, when my husband is on holiday with us that never quite happens. He likes things to be planned perfectly before we go anywhere. And while that seems to be the best thing to do when you have little ones, and probably is, waiting for perfect weather before attempting a day trip could mean you don't end up going!

The boys had a wonderful time and little bear was very impressed with meeting 'Simba' in real life. He is going through a Lion King stage at the minute! We couldn't believe how good the boys behaved during our visit.

Usually day trips that we have not pre-planned can turn into a bit of a nightmare. But considering this trip was just a spur of the moment thing it went really well!
Truth - I actually shouted at hubby that if we don't go today I will take the boys on my own as I was not staying in the house with him a minute longer. Thankfully our argument was soon forgotten as soon as we got there. Even more thankful that the weather held out so I didn't have to hear those words "I told you so!". Phew

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