Thursday, 23 August 2012

Finished quilt!

I finally finished the patchwork quilts for little bear!  Yippee! Must get it wrapped up now ready for Christmas or I will end up using it myself. 

I used fabric from Heather Ross's Far Far Away III collection for the front.  I particularly wanted the Playing with Horses print as Little bear is always playing with his toy horses (well he did much more last year when I bought all the fabric!)

I used the lovely Far Far Away 2 Roses for the back.  I couldn't bring myself to cut into the lovely grey rose print, so after taking it to my local quilting shop and begging for some advice, (I had already purchased all the fabric online, so felt a bit cheeky really)  this is what we came up with.  

The wonderful ladies at ZigZags in Newport were excited to help when I told them it was my first quilt.  They managed to convince me to add some more depth to the back by adding complimentary borders.  I wanted a single colour for the back as it would have been simpler to put together.  However they did the calculations for me and worked out how much fabric I would need and how to lay it out.  After I had finished the back I still wasn't convinced that I liked it.  But after I put it together and matched it up I am so pleased I had gone for a double sided look.   

As for the quilting, I didn't really know what to do so I just started in the middle and followed the fabric pattern and went round in a spiral.  This led to a bit of rucking up near the end but it was late and I didn't care by then!  If you ignore the mega crinkles I think it looks just fine. I will never do it that way again and will seek advice next time!

I know that the back is a bit girly for Little bear, but it means that I can use it too!  Perhaps he will give it to his children one day and it would be suitable for both boy or girl.  Or I will be able to keep it for myself as it looks so nice on my armchair in the study!

I hope you like it.  My pictures don't do the fabrics any justice.  Thank you to the lovely ladies at ZigZags for helping me with it!

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  1. They're really nice! Well done!
    Love, Beth :o)