Thursday, 17 May 2012

Finishing your embroidery - quick tutorial.


I am really loving these little cross stitch patterns!  I have purchased the PDF patterns from andwabisabi a cute Etsy shop that I cannot stop browsing!  Find it here.
I also decided to finish the back without using my glue gun.  I find it so messy and often get it stuck all over my work.  Here is how I do it:

- Cut out a circle of using the inside of the outer ring as a guide. 
- Place this on the back of your stitching.
- Put fabric glue on the outer edge of the inner ring, and place this on top of the felt and stitching.
- Put fabric glue of the inside edge of the outer ring.
- Carefully turn your piece over and line up the outer and inner rings, with your work sandwiched    between.
- Screw the fastener as tight as it will go.  I use a hair clip to finish tightening!
- As you have used fabric glue you can spend a little time lining the piece and the rings up. 
- Trim the excess fabric with scissors close to the edge of the rings.

 I always found that I didn't have enough time to line the piece up properly with a glue gun as it always set too quickly so making a fabric glue sandwich works much better for me!

Let me know your best ways to finish a piece.  I would love to hear your ideas.  Leave a message in the comments box :)

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