Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Floral book plates

Thought I would give you a close up of the little wall art that you may have spotted in this post. 

My Husband and I love books, old nature ones in particular.  We have a largish collect of old books displayed in a number of places around the house.  I stumbled across this beautiful book of wild flowers in our local vintage book shop and just fell in love with the plates.   The flowers are so detailed and pretty I just had to have them displayed.  
But you know how things go:
1 - Couldn't bring myself to cut up the book!
2 - Would like to display all of the plates in frames.
3 - Framing them all would cost loads, and I would have to do it in one go.

Then I saw the book sitting on my shelf and realised that I never get to see these gorgeous pictures and that is just a crime!  So I did it. I tore the pages out carefully, and used my seam ripper to cut the cotton binding so they all came out great after that.  The I just put them up with blutack!   

I love it! Husband loves it.  In fact he thinks it looks good without the frames and said "why didn't I do it sooner".  Just what I was thinking  :)

Have a great week!

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