Thursday, 13 October 2011

Crochet blanket

I have not posted much these last few weeks as I have been busy at work.  So to relax I have been busy making stuff in the evening and photographing things for my shop.  I must try to get quicker at these things and learn how to use my camera properly so I don't have to edit as much!

Here is my lovely crochet blanket that I have finished.  This project helped me to learn to crochet.  It is lots of granny squares in single colours, all joined together with grey borders then single crochet edged lots of times!  I love how it turned out and love sitting under it in the evening while working on a new project.

As you can see the granny square are in single colours, this is because at the time I didn't know how to join on a new colour!  I also went for a grey border around each square and the full blanket as I thought that a white one might be too girly.  It was supposed to be given to bear for his bedroom, but I have kept it on the sofa instead!

I used a flat seam joining method that I repinned on Pinterest here.  because the join is really flat it helps the whole blanket keep its movement, if you know what I mean!  The teal and pink colours on this pic are my favourite combination in the set.  If I had known what I was setting out to make I would have just bought these two colours!

Because I was making this up as I went along I decided to use just a simple border around the edge of the blanket. Inspired by this.  I now know how to crochet many different techniques but I thought that this would keep the minimalist look and be more suitable for the boy's room.

I really love this blanket, mostly because it was the first complete crochet project I have done, but also because it took me sooooo long! I started it in February and finished in September!  It was one of these that I kept chipping away at.  I hope the boys quilts don't turn out that way!

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  1. To Marieke,
    Thank you for your email. I have corrected the link for joining the granny squares. It should take you directly to the site that I pinned it from. If it does not, here it is again:

    It is so quick and easy to do. Have fun Joining your squares!