Sunday, 2 October 2011

Friday night toast!

Ok, so I know I'm late with this post, we have been recovering from the gross stomach bug that has swept through us since last week.  So when it came to friday night I just wanted pizza!  Well technically that is something on toast ;)

Pesto pizza

Spread really thin ciabbatta with some store bought pesto sauce, tom with slide tomatoes and small mozzarella balls, halved.  Place under a hot grill until cheese has melted.
Yes I know this is not really a recipe. I promise to get my butt into gear and try some real cooking for once. I am a busy woman! :)
Here are some cute pics of the boys from our walk this weekend after we had all recovered, just to make up for the lack of post!

Had a lovely day.  Bear is sooo cute at the minute, chit chatting away to himself, letting you know what he wants.  I wish this time lasted longer :(

P.S You know when you look through pictures and when you thought your outfit looked ok, then you notice on the pics that you can see all your wobbly bits? Yeah, well thats what I have just done! Eeeek! must do something about the mummy tummy! Not enough hours in the day!

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