Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Well this last weekend was a complete write-off, everybody was sick ( apart front he eldest boy, he never gets sick much!) Just when I thought all was better and could get on with doing my Pinterest crafting the baby was sick again! So didn't get it done last night either.  Soooo much washing to do.  I'm glad the weather has got warmer at least I can get the bedding dry!

Anyway,  I had to take the day off work today, but hey, kids come first!  So finally he slept this afternoon and apart from housework I managed to get a little crafting done, yippee.  SInce buying a new computer during the summer I haven't touched my poor sewing machine, preferring to crochet instead.  So I turned the monitor off and moved it aside to get the old girl whizzing again.  For a moment I thought I'd forgot how to use her! See what I made :)

Ok, Ok, so the pics are a little iffy (hubby would be embarrassed if he saw them! tut!) but I was rushing, he was stirring!
I got the idea from these on my Pinterest board.

                                                                           Source: via Lucy on Pinterest

They are from thespiltstich.  if you've never been to her site you must, there are lots of great ideas on quilting and embroidery. Not to mention the cute baby projects.  I am sure that there was a tutorial of hers that I read, yes found it here! 
Shame I didn't look at it before hand as I know for a fact that my coasters are a tad small. You need to have a good seam allowance so that when you turn it the right side out your opening can actually be tucked under and then pressed!  I also used felt for the back instead. With the liner it makes it a bit bulky.  Anyone else rush into thinking they know what they are doing!
Also my take on the 'sketchy look' for top stitching is a bit sketchy to say the least. I will try random lines across next time ;)

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