Tuesday, 6 September 2011


So this weekend I started my new challenge, to do the things on my Pinterest boards.

                                                                   Source: juicy-bits.typepad.com via Lucy on Pinterest

I decided that I would try to make one of those balloon lampshades made with string. Mainly because I had bought some red string months ago, meaning to make it!  I kind of followed the instructions that I'd seen around, but here are my hints and tips...

First you need to gather your supplies: You need a large balloon, some string, coloured is preferable, and some glue.  I managed to fish out some PVA glue which I watered down. ( apparently that makes modpodge? )

Blow up your balloon but try not to let your children steal it and pop it in the garden.  Blow up another balloon if they did and you have one.

Cut your string into pieces and dip it in the glue.  Then place the string over the balloon. When you realise that you can't stand the balloon up on anything and you have to pull the chicken out of the oven and have glue all over your hands, ask a willing 7 year old to hold the balloon steady for you.  You may wish to get the 15 year old away from the PS3 to collect a loo roll tube from the bathroom.  Just ignore the grunts.  Sellotape the cardboard tube to the bottom of the balloon whilst praying that it doesn't pop it.  Put the chicken in the oven and put on an apron as you may have already got glue on your new top.

Lastly, when all the string is dangling down and not sticking on the balloon.  Shout at your volunteer for trying to play with his cars instead of helping.  This will make him wiggle the balloon, thus making it fall into the glue.  At this point when your Husband arrives asking what on earth you are 'trying' to do, give up!

P.S It is usually best not to get the boy to pop the balloon with some scissors as the glue from the string will fly all over your kitchen. (but you probably already know that, right?)

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