Saturday, 17 September 2011

Posh on Toast! - Duck

I had been looking forward to making and eating this meal all week! It's kind of a cheat really, because it's out of a tin. But it is gooood! My mouth is actually watering as I am writing this.
Confit of Duck, basically duck breasts soaked in duck fat in a can. When you cook them the meat just breaks apart and is soooo tasty because of all the fat, eeeek!  Friends of ours introduced us to it when we went camping.  They used the fat to fry potatoes in.  Really good camping food!  It was in a camping recipe book they had, I'm sure it was called Duck hash, I will have to borrow it from them again sometime.
Anyway, this is what we did (I was putting the baby to bed, so technically it was the husband!):

Confit De Canard, with bruschetta, and plum and cherry sauce.

Empty the contents of the can into a roasting dish and place in a hot oven for approximately 20 minutes. I actually took the breasts out and kept the left over fat in the can.  This could be used to for cooking something else in. Like roast potatoes!  You can cook the duck for longer if you like it all depends on how crispy you want the skin.

Toast the bruschetta just after the duck is ready so its still warm. Using a fork tear the duck meat to pieces and place on top of the bruschetta.

Serve with Plum and cherry sauce, or orange slices, or both.  Enjoy!

After a short time this is what you will have.  And yes, those are finger marks on the plate, no apologies!

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